Click HERE, or the image above, to view a video in which Brad McDougall, OD, details why it’s especially important for contact-lens wearers to visit the eye doctor annually for a comprehensive exam.

Brad McDougall, OD, discusses the problems that can occur with contact-lens wear. Most of these problems would not be detected without a thorough contact-lens examination. An autorefraction, internet refraction exam or a smartphone app would not pick up these problems.


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Since you only have two eyes that you want to last a lifetime – and, one should not be considered as a spare – it only makes sense to take excellent care of both of them. We get our furnace checked at least once a year and our teeth checked at least twice a year, we should pay the same attention to our eyes to keep them in the best working order.

Contact Lens Essentials

Contact evaluations and 2 boxes of contacts start as low as $199 with a package value of $401.43. This package includes a trial pair of lens with your prescription and if you have a ripped contact or lose a contact within a year of purchase, we will replace the lens at no extra cost.