Be Ready for Your Appointment 

Take the Dry Eye Quiz and bring your results with you. 

Provide important information

  • How often and how long have you used
    artificial tears?
  • How dry eyes affect your daily activities
  • Do dry eyes make it hard to wear your contacts?

Prepare to ask questions

  • Do I have Chronic Dry Eye (CDE) disease?
  • Are my eyes making enough of my own tears?
  • What are all my treatment options?
  • Is RESTASIS® right for my type of CDE?

Make Sure You Get Screened on Your Visit

  • Tell the front desk you have a medical appointment to get screened for a type of Chronic Dry Eye disease
  • Also remind the office technician that you want to get screened
  • Ask your eye doctor for your screening results

Be Your Own Advocate—Ask For RESTASIS®

  • You may be diagnosed with Chronic Dry Eye
    (CDE) disease caused by reduced tear
    production due to inflammation
  • RESTASIS® is the only prescription for this
    type of CDE
  • Ask your eye doctor if RESTASIS® may be
    right for you