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Spring Eye Allergies

Is allergy season causing discomfort and pain for your eyes? The eyes are exposed to air borne allergy agents such as dust, pollen, and farm products that can cause red, itchy, watery eyes as well as nasal congestion, sneezing, and coughing. If you are suffering, our optometrists at Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care can help. Serving patients in Southeast Missouri at vision centers in Sikeston and Poplar Bluff, Dr. Daniel Obermark and Dr. Cassidy Obermark will provide you with solutions to your eye allergies!

Spring Allergy Eye Care Tips from Our Optometrists in Sikeston and Poplar Bluff

If you are suffering from spring eye allergies, there are certain measures you can take to limit your discomfort. Consider these spring allergy eye care tips from our optometrists in Sikeston or Poplar Bluff.

The best way to combat spring allergy eye symptoms is to avoid allergens when possible. Pollen is the most common allergen affecting spring allergy sufferers. If you can, check the pollen count and stay indoors as much as possible on high pollen count days. When venturing out, you can use a pair of wrap-around sunglasses to provide a measure of protection.

If you are a contact lens wearer, consider removing your lenses during allergy season and wearing your eyeglasses instead. The surface of a contact lens attracts airborne allergens, and this accumulation can make your allergies worse. If you must wear contacts, we recommend switching to daily disposables to avoid a buildup of allergens.

Finally, consider using allergy medications to help your allergy symptoms. This can include both oral medications, which block the histamine response, as well as allergy eye drops. Our optometrists can recommend the best product to help ease your allergies.

Contact Our Sikeston and Poplar Bluff Optometrists Today!

Spring eye allergies can make your life miserable and that’s why we’re here to help. If you are looking for an optometrist in Sikeston or Poplar Bluff, contact our vision center in Sikeston at 573-471-1080 or our Poplar Bluff location at 573-785-6717 to discuss your allergies and what you can do to ease your discomfort.

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