Proper Way to Apply Eye Drops

Proper way to apply eye drops


Follow these steps:

1.       With moist cloth, wipe dirt, debris, mucous, or crusted matter from eye lashes and eyelids.

2.       Recline so that your eyes are facing the ceiling.

3.       Hold the eye drop bottle or vial well above your eye. Avoid touching the tip of the bottle or vial with your lashes, eye, or fingertips.

4.       Aim for the corner of your eye nearest your nose.

5.       Gently squeeze a drop and let gravity let it fall to your eye. Blink a few times so that any drop on your lids works onto the eye surface.



Liquid in your tears drains to your throat and sinuses.

We want the medicine to soak into your eyes, not your throat and sinuses.


6.       Immediately after applying the drop, gently press on the sides of your nose near the inside corners of your eyes.

7.       Keep this pressure applied for one minute.

8.       If you have a different taste in your mouth following the drop, that means you haven't held pressure on the lacrimal canal long enough.


Now you successfully completed you dose!

Wipe excess moisture from you lids and lashes.

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