Eyeglass Frames for Our Sikeston and Poplar Bluff Patients

When it comes to eyewear, we understand that you want to look good and feel comfortable. At Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care we are there to help you properly select frames to suit you! We have a wide assortment of high-quality frames including top brand names at affordable prices. Even if you don’t have vision insurance, we can find a pair for you at a price comparable to other low-cost vision centers. Our optometrist in Sikeston and our optometrist in Poplar Bluff both consider a variety of different things during the eyeglass frames selection process.

Selecting the Right Frames

Frame selection involves many factors that we take into account. Such important factors include fitting the frames to your unique face shape, choosing the right style, and selecting frames that are made from material that meets your needs. We’re here to help you through each step of the process and can also help you fit existing lenses into a new pair of frames at our vision center.

Choosing Lenses That Fit Your Style

At Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care, we offer a wide variety of affordable eyewear frames based on style, color and material. Each of these factors will have a large impact on how your glasses look and feel. Material selection can also influence the weight and durability of your frames. Certain materials can even allow you to bend or subject your frames to serious pressure without them breaking, which will help your frames withstand the years. It is important to take into account your lifestyle when selecting frames so we can help ensure that you have a pair that will meet your day to day needs.

We help you understand the features offered by each frame so you can make an informed choice about what frames will work best for you.

Choosing Eyeglass Frames for Your Face Shape

Different face shapes often pair better with certain frame shapes. Here are some general guidelines for face shapes and how you and our optometrist can work together to choose frames that make you look your best.

  • Round faces usually benefit from square or rectangular frames, which provide a slimming effect.
  • Square faces tend to have a more angular look and can benefit from rounded or oval frames that help smooth out angles of the face.
  • Oval faces usually look great with frames that feature a strong bridge.

No matter your face shape, our skilled team is here to help provide guidance when selecting your pair of frames.

Picking Hypoallergenic Frames

Our optometrists at Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care can also help you select frames if you have skin allergies. Plastic and synthetic frames often feature hypoallergenic designs, which are less likely to cause any form of skin irritation. These materials can include acetate, nylon, and cellulose proportionate. Certain metals such as stainless steel are designed to be hypoallergenic as well. You may also like the look of natural materials such as wood, which also do not usually cause skin allergies.

Ensuring a Proper Fit in Sikeston and Poplar Bluff

In order to get eyewear that fits your face just right, we will measure areas including the following:

  • The bridge – The bridge will determine how far lenses are from one another.
  • Temples – An accurate temple measurement is crucial as these will influence the size of the piece that tucks behind your ear
  • The eye and B-measurement – The eye measures the width of each lens from their outermost points while the B-measurement covers the lens height.

If you want to schedule an appointment for a frame fitting or simply have some questions about the process, call us at the location that’s most convenient for you!