Diabetic Eye Exams From Your Sikeston & Poplar Bluff Optometrist

When a medical doctor diagnoses diabetes in an individual, it impacts every area of his or her body. When you have diabetes, the risk of concerns with your vision increases because high blood glucose levels contribute to damages in your eyes that may lead to blindness or visual complications. In some cases, you may develop diabetic retinopathy, which requires treatment to reduce the risk of vision loss. An eye doctor for diabetics at Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care offers diabetic eye care based on your situation and needs.

Diabetic Eye Exams in Sikeston

A diabetic eye exam is a comprehensive exam to check on the health of your eyes. While you go through a traditional eye exam and normal screening processes for common conditions like glaucoma, you may also need a dilated retinal exam and related exams to check on potential risk factors when you have diabetes.

At our clinics in Poplar Bluff and Sikeston, an eye doctor for diabetics evaluates your eyes and changes to your vision. We make recommendations for your eye health and check for potential complications that may arise in relation to your diabetes or the medications you take for diabetes. We understand the risks and provide the comprehensive evaluations you need to avoid long-term complications or blindness.

Ways a Poplar Bluff Optometrist Helps with Eye Care

A Poplar Bluff optometrist helps with diabetic eye care by ensuring that you receive appropriate treatment for the conditions that may develop over time. We may recommend certain medications to help reduce pressure in your eyes or the risk of certain complications when we notice a risk factor. We also recommend regular check-ups to catch problems at an early stage so we have the tools to prevent blindness or severe damage to your eyes.

Our team focuses on providing the tools you need to maintain healthy eyes. An optometrist identifies when you need treatment and when the diabetes or medications you take interfere with the health of your eyes. It allows us to keep your eyes healthy through proper management and treatment.

When to Get an Exam from a Sikeston Optometrist

You want to consider a diabetic eye exam from a Sikeston optometrist or an eye doctor in our Poplar Bluff clinic shortly after an initial diagnosis for the condition. Since diabetes may cause damage to your retinas or increase the risk of eye conditions like glaucoma and cataracts, you want to establish the health of your eyes shortly after a diagnosis. We also recommend regular check-ups at least once per year. We may recommend bi-annual check-ups if we notice a sign of health concerns or when you develop a condition and need more regular treatment.

Developing diabetes can interfere with the health of your eyes in many ways. It complicates your visual health by increasing the risk of developing complications and eye conditions that damage your eyes. To learn more about keeping your eyes healthy after a diabetes diagnosis, call us today at (573) 471-1080.