Contact Lens Exams at Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care

Contact lenses are a great option for individuals who do not want to worry about their glasses getting broken, foggy or wet while they are out running errands, playing sports, working or at school. Here at Dr. Obermark Eye Health Center, our optometrists, Dr. Dan and Dr. Cassidy Obermark offer contact lens exams!

Contact Lens Exams in Sikeston and Poplar Bluff

We offer contact lens exams in Sikeston or Poplar Bluff. Our contact lens exams involve testing your eyes for refractive errors, testing to see if contacts would be right for you and measuring your corneal curve to ensure your contacts fit properly. We prescribe several different types of contacts.

  • Soft Lenses – Most popular due to comfort. Used to correct mild astigmatism, nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Hard Lenses – Rigid lenses used to correct moderate to severe astigmatism as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • Bifocal Lenses – Lenses that correct near and far vision. Great for people that wear bifocal glasses
  • Cosmetic Lenses – Adjusts the color of your eye. Can be purchased with our without correction

Getting a Contact Lens Exam at Our Vision Center

Our vision center’s optometrists offer contact lens exams for individuals who have never worn contacts and individuals who need to have their contact lens prescription updated. When you come in to see our optometrist in Sikeston or Poplar Bluff, we will examine your eyes for any eye health problems and check for visual acuity problems by having you read an eye chart. If you have not been to see an eye doctor in a year or more, we may recommend that you schedule your contact lens exam along with your comprehensive eye exam. Contact lens exams, by themselves, are not as in depth as comprehensive exams.

Once we have the right correction for your eyes, our optometrist will measure your cornea and retrieve a set of sample lenses. The sample lenses may or may not be your prescription. They are designed to ensure that the calculation for the fit of your lenses is correct.

After they’ve determined that the fit and power for your lenses is correct, your lenses will be ordered. If you would like cosmetic lenses to change or correct the color of your eyes, tell our optometrist.

When your new lenses arrive, we will schedule another appointment to ensure your lenses fit correctly and provide you with the vision correction you need in order to see clearly while you drive, work and use a computer or mobile device.

To schedule your contact lens exam, call our optometrist in Sikeston or Poplar Bluff. For our Sikeston location, dial 573-471-1080. To schedule an appointment at our Poplar Bluff location, call us at 573-785-6717.