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How Does Diabetes Affect the Eyes?

How Does Diabetes Affect the Eyes? Advice From Your Poplar Bluff & Sikeston Optometrist 

Among the various eye conditions that Drs. Daniel R. Obermark and Cassidy Obermark treat each day, diabetes presents special challenges for each eye doctor and the rest of our team. Our patients who have recently detected signs of diabetes learn quickly that they need to find a trusted Sikeston or Poplar Bluff optometrist to help navigate their diabetic eye care.


Our Poplar Bluff & Sikeston Optometrist Team Is Here to Help

You might have only recently detected signs of diabetes. With a diagnosis in hand, your primary care physician likely noted how important it is that you set an appointment with your Sikeston optometrist to work as your eye doctor for diabetes. If you are already one of our valued patients, we might have noted some retinal issues during a recent exam.

You probably have many questions about how diabetes affects the eyes. Your eye doctor for diabetes, along with our dedicated vision team, is here to help you understand what you might expect when you live with diabetes:

• Regular Diabetic Eye Care Visits. Along with regular visits with your primary care doctor, or your diabetes specialist, we need to see you at least once a year for a dilated eye exam. However, if you note significant vision changes—such as seeing double, experiencing blurred vision, noticing spots or floaters, and feeling pain in one or both eyes—we want you to hear from you. We may go ahead and schedule an appointment to make sure your vision is not worsening. As a part of your diabetic care team, we want to help make sure you do not lose your vision, which can happen with diabetes.

• Monitor Your Blood Sugar to Preserve Your Vision. While we help you adjust to changes in vision when you have diabetes, it is essential that you monitor your blood sugar daily. If your blood sugar is high in the morning, adjust your eating throughout the day.

Contact Your Sikeston or Poplar Bluff Optometrist Today!

As a new or regular patient, we hope you schedule regular eye exams for early diabetic detection and prevention. Call today!

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