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Healthy Vision Tips from Our Optometrists in Sikeston and Poplar Bluff

At Obermark Eye Health Care, we dedicate ourselves to providing comprehensive eye and vision exams for the whole family. We see our vision center as a place that emphasizes prevention and early detection as part of maximizing healthy vision throughout all stages of life.

The Importance of Regular Eye and Vision Exams

One of the best ways to ensure healthy vision is to get your eyes regularly examined by an optometrist. Eye doctors are skilled in the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of many eye health disorders, including cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, amblyopia (lazy eye), and other visual focusing and refractive problems. Early detection is crucial for maximizing patient outcomes, as many of these conditions respond positively to therapeutic interventions including prescriptive eyewear, medications, or surgery. Regular eye and vision exams ensure that your eye doctor can implement treatment techniques as early as possible, and educate you on important lifestyle changes to help reduce your risk for developing other eye diseases.

Top Tips for Healthy Vision from Our Optometrists at Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care

In addition to seeing an eye doctor for a regular eye and vision exam, here are other things you can do to help keep your eyes healthy:

1. If you smoke, quit. Smoking has been linked to many eye and vision disorders and impairs your body’s ability to heal itself.

2. Protect your eyes from the sun. Just like your skin, your eyes can become damaged by excessive exposure to UV rays. Wear UV-blocking sunglasses in the sun, wear sunscreen on your face, and consider adding a wide-brimmed hat.

3. Wear protective eyewear at work and during sports.

4. Eat quality foods that support eye health, especially dark leafy greens and fish.

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