We carry anything from basic frames starting as low as $44

Single Vision

Our single vision lenses and basic frame are a value of over $125. We want to offer you a great package deal of only $49 for a basic frame and lenses without any other treatments. We dedicate ourselves to make your experience here great and affordable.


Our Bifocal package is valued at over $175 and we would like to offer it to you as low as $79. We strive to make our patients feel appreciated by giving them the lowest price possible.


Our trifocal lens and frames usually start around $245 but we have worked hard for our patients, to make it affordable for them so we are offering this package at a low rate of $119.


Our standard progressive lens give you all the benefits of a trifocal without the lines, giving you a good wide view for long distances, intermediate and near views. A standard progressive lens starts as low as $119. We include a frame with this standard package; the value of this package is over $160.