Contact Lenses

At Obermark Eye Health Care, we take our time to prescribe the best contact lenses for each patient. Our contact lens evaluations determine the best fit for you based off of your day-to-day life and vision needs. Contact lens evaluations start as low as $84, that includes a free trial pair of contact lenses with your precise prescription. Lose a contact lens or rip one? We also include, in the evaluation cost, replacement for damaged or lost contact lenses within a year of the evaluation at no extra cost.

First time contact lens wearer? Our staff take their time to teach you how to care for, put in and take out your contacts during your contact lens evaluation.

​​​​​​​We carry a wide range of contact lenses from monthly and daily lenses to custom lenses for those more difficult to fit.

Know the difference

Monthly lenses are worn for a month, or 30 days and taken out every night and put into a case to be disinfected each night.
Bi-Monthly lenses are worn for 2 weeks, or 14 days and taken out every night and put into a case to be disinfected each night.
Dailies single-use lenses that are worn for the day and at the end of the day can be simply thrown away, with a fresh pair of lenses for the next day.
Custom contact lenses are meant to be worn for longer periods of time and custom designed to fit your vision needs better.
Ortho-K, or Orthokeratology, are specifically designed and fitted contact lenses worn through out the night that temporarily reshape the cornea to improve vision and help reduce refractive errors.

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