Pre & Post Surgery

When preparing for surgery, we take our time explained what to expect before and after surgery and educating our patients about their options.

We start with a discussion about your vision and what surgery would better help you achieve your visual needs. We follow the discussion with specialized tests to evaluate the general health of your eyes to ensure you’re eligible for surgery. We determine that there are no challenges that need to be identified before performing surgery. It is our job to identify and share with our patients any issues that may preclude a successful post-operative visual outcome. It's important to us that patients understand that the results of surgery are not guaranteed and sometimes may still need glasses or possibly even a second surgery. We do our very best to educate our patients on the complications that come with having surgery and inform them of side effects that could occur after surgery, so they are not dissatisfied with surgery.

After surgery, in most cases, you return to our office for care. As the patient’s post-op journey goes from day to day, we must continue to monitor their improvements in vision. Some surgeries require you to follow up as soon as the day after surgery.

We would love to get you seeing your very best and in some cases, this means surgery and we would like to discuss with you the best options for your vision care.

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