Ortho-K is short for Orthokeratology, which is an alternative procedure for LASIK. This non-surgical procedure improves vision by gently reshaping the front surface of the eye while you sleep using specially designed contact lenses. You just put the lenses in before bed and while you sleep and when you wake you have crisper clearer vision. This effective treatment can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and Presbyopia safely. It’s a great alternative to LASIK for patients who don’t want to risk surgery.

When considering Ortho-K, you have to have healthy eyes, we examine the retina and the outside and overall health of the eyes. You also have to have a test where the doctor examines the shape of the cornea to get a precise mapping of the size, curve, bumps, or waves of the cornea. Once that is done the doctor takes the mapping, size of the cornea, and the prescription that it would take to correct your vision to designs a specialty retainer lens that creates the ortho-k effect.

When you pick up your specialty retainer lens the doctor instructs you how to insert, remove, and care for the lens. After the first night of wearing the retainers, you will come in for an evaluation where the doctor will re-evaluate the fit and prescription and another mapping of your cornea will be performed.

Throughout the fitting period, your doctor will monitor your corneal health and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Ortho-k can show improvement in short periods of time, however, the period of time it takes is different from patient to patient. There a several different factors that could affect the speed of the process of Ortho-k such as your initial prescription, the shape, and rigidness of the cornea, tear quality and quantity, and what your expectations are for the procedure.

We can refer you to some of the best Orthokeratologists in our area right here at Dr. Obermark Eye Health Care. We want you to be happy with your vision, fixing it one step at a time.

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