Glaucoma is caused when pressure builds up inside the eyes, damaging the optic nerve and if gone untreated, can cause untreatable blindness. Glaucoma is the third highest cause of blindness. It can be hard to diagnose because symptoms don’t always appear right away, it could take many years before you start to show any signs of glaucoma. Most patients don’t notice it until significant damage has already been done and don’t ask for help until they start to lose their vision.

Glaucoma is a condition caused by fluid buildup that hasn’t drained properly. This creates pressure, damaging the optic nerve connecting the eye to the brain, resulting in sight loss.

Factors such as age, family history, racial background, or other medical conditions such as diabetes or nearsightedness have a higher risk for glaucoma.

There are different types of glaucoma and treatment depends on the type the patient has. Glaucoma cannot be cured, and once vision is lost it cannot be restored, however, by taking the right precautions any further loss of vision can be prevented. Glaucoma is life-long management and in most cases, patients have to be seen more frequently than once a year for the best results.

Most commonly you can manage glaucoma with a drop prescribed by your eye doctor, they help reduce the pressure in your eyes. A second alternative is surgery, which can usually fix the cause of glaucoma in the first place. Surgery isn’t done in our office; however, we work closely with other doctors that we recommend to do the procedure. We see you after surgery and keep an eye on your progress. We want the best for you and your vision needs.

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