Far & Near Sightedness

Nearsightedness also called myopia is when the eye focuses an object in front of the retina resulting in blurred vision. Myopic eyes are somewhat more susceptible to retinal detachment than farsighted eyes. Severe Myopia can also be caused by other serious eye problems that could affect the retina or choroid. Myopia can be treated with concave lenses or LASIK, which is a very popular surgery used today to reshape the underlying tissue in the eye.

Farsightedness is also known as hyperopia, is a condition in which you can see objects at a distance clearly but objects up close are more blurry. Farsightedness is usually present at birth and tends to run within the family. This condition is very easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

Both conditions can be treated right here in our office. Just give us a call if you’re experiencing any of the problems above, we would love to help you with your vision needs.

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