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Back to School Eye Exams

The Importance of Back to School Eye Exams: From Your Poplar Bluff & Sikeston Optometrists

As you gear up for the new school year, Dr. Obermark reminds parents in Poplar Bluff, Sikeston and the surrounding areas, to include back to school eye exams for kids in your plans. Give the gift of clear vision to your children and help them do well in class. All it takes is a convenient visit to your dedicated optometrist at Obermark Eye Health Care.

Pediatric Eye Exams With a Poplar Bluff Optometrist

At this time of year, eye exams for children take on greater significance. Kids can’t perform up to their potential in school, if they have trouble seeing the chalkboard, projector or computer screen. In fact, kids with poor vision can get headaches from eyestrain, or develop posture problems struggling to read and research, long before they’ve finished their homework. Your children will enjoy school more, participate more actively and learn more with proper eyesight.

Vision correction for kids can make a big difference in the overall educational experience and also can also help ensure eye health. Vision screenings and exams are also vital to detect eye disease early on, when it is most treatable. You can think of eye exams as preventive healthcare, since some systemic health problems are first hinted at in the condition of the eyes. We provide diagnosis and management of common (and not-so-common) eye problems kids face, such as lazy eye.

Bring the Entire Family for an Eye Exam Annually

Eye care is important for the whole family, of course, so we invite all ages to visit our local vision center for an annual exam. Back to school season is the perfect time for your eye exam. Our centers are a family affair, where Dr. Daniel R. Obermark, O.D. practices alongside his daughter, Dr. Cassidy Obermark, O.D., who joined the practice about two years ago. Let our family protect your family’s eye health. Contact the office most convenient for you to schedule an appointment at our Poplar Bluff or Sikeston office today!

Do your kids need new glasses or contacts for school this year?

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